Well, once again the standown came off.  Garry Sandman, Patty and I set up Monday afternoon after I had laser treatment on my eye ( came straight from Wade to there) and were done about 16:30.  Tuesday we were there (Gary, Patty and I) and got out of there around 15:00.  It went well. Around 13:00 I heard a head count of about 349, so the numbers were down somewhat.We gave out underwear, (last minute distribution) T-Shirts and a few jackets and winter shirts left from last year.  We wound up with 24 small t-shirts at the end that we put in the goodwill donation area.  All in all, a good long day meeting and talking with everyone.  Utmost thanks for Patty and Gary for all their help!  We also had other Chapter Members working other tables.  Ellen, taking pix of the event and working with Alva at the Women Veterans Table and many other areas as needed. Alva just about wore herself out.   Arlinda, workiing at the VA table and helping all around the area.  My thanks for the great job you always do when called upon.  Ellen and Alva have so many volunteer hours for the Vets that they had to start a second edition of the record keeping book!  You are all appreciated and have my thanks for making the chapter even better!  Thank you!!
(I was gonna say guys, but Ellen would have locked my heels...)
Once more, thank you to all who helped! 

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