Akicita Oyate
(Warrior people)
Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 900
Akron, Ohio
The Chapter name was bestowed to the Chapter by Ken Bagola, a Lakota Sioux in honor of our years of service to the Native American People. The Chapter has provided a Color Guard for many Native American activities and provided security for the same. We have been recognized throughout the Native Nations for our service. The Chapter is a cross section of America, with members from all Nations and Ethnic backgrounds.
The Chapter Logo Explained
You will notice the four colors shown inside the circle, Red, White, Black and Yellow. These four colors represent the four races of people. Note also that they are of equal size. This shows that all people are equal.
The four Eagle Feathers within the circle represent the Warriors from each Nation who fought for the freedoms we enjoy.
The Blue inside the Circle represents the sky they fought under.
The Circle itself represents life itself, from the first breath to the last.
So know you know the “rest of the story”.

Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 900


2978 Wedgewood Drive

Suite 6018

Akron, Ohio  44312




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