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Due to an unfortunate page loss of the new 2018 flags page, I am forced to put a very close estimated total as of 06/14/2018.   I had it written down.  That total was 2895.  so now  we start again! I apologize  for the loss of the individual site totals.

Final Total  2702   as of Flag Day 06/14/2016

Final Total for 2017 6/30 = 4619


6/30 to 05/17/18 = 1968


Now we start all over again. Running totals are below and will be updated.

8Norton Admin                                                  30

Barberton YMCA                                          60

Hoffman's ACE Hdwr - Ellet                       234

Stow Police Department                             80

Akron Vet Serv Comm.                              565

Springfield Police Dept.                               --

 Falls Quirk Center                                      204

Falls City Building                                       210

 Hoffman's Ace Hrdw.  Norton                   49

   Hoffman's Ace Hdw. Portage Lakes       44


Bath Fire Dept                                             462

Akron VA Clinic                                           264

Jewish War Vets                                           --

Misc places                                                    --

                                  02-13-2018                                                                 ________

TOTAL:                                                      1968



This year we found out by accident the Summit County Sheriff's Department would  no longer be doing the Flag Retirement Ceremony!


So what do you do with 4000 + Flags?

You go to the Boy Scouts for help!!!


Many thanks to Ruth Munday, Director of the scouts for a multi-county area!

Because of her help and support, we were able to take 4619 flags to Camp Butler in Northen Summit County and give them to the Scouts for retirement.  They will be used throughout the year to train all the Scouts that come in from all over in the proper procedure for retiring flags, a win - win situation!!!


We will also be taking flags to them at various times of the year instead of having to store them all year.


Below are pictures from our flag run on a rainy day (of course).












Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 900


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Suite 6018

Akron, Ohio  44312



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