The final total from 6/2015 to 6/2016: 2702

The project idea was conceived by Chapter Trustee
Mike Hoofman and is now well underway.
SUCCESS!! First box deployed at Summit County Veteran Service Commission 1/23/2015.
Dave Burden of the VSC is on the right.
At the Feb. Meeting, the flag box was checked and a total of 52 flags were there. We have recovered them and they are awaiting processing when the ceremonies are scheduled.
Shown below is the bag of flags pulled from the box. Not bad for a month, and we have 10 more boxes to deploy.
The next deployment was the Norton City Administration Building
Mike Hoofman, Lee Fisher & The Mayor of Norton Mike Zita are shown above.
Next was the Barberton YMCA
Shown above are Joe Easterling and Kara Roy of the YMCA.
This one was at the Stow Police Department.
Shown above are Lee Fisher, Patty Fisher, Steve Hnatiak and Officer John Ginther. Chief of Police Jeffrey Film was also involved.
Hoffman's Ace Hardware in Ellet 3-2, Patty (AVVA Rep), Lee (chapter Pres) and Adam store manager.
Tallmadge Fire Station now has installed their flag box.
The latest is at Springfield Administration Building.
Cuyahoga Falls city offices
Patty and I, Nell and Jim Orndorf,
Falls Mayor - Don Walters
Cuyahoga Falls Quirk Cultural Center
Nell and Jim Orndorf, Patty Fisher and
Janet Verchio - Supervisor
The final two boxes will be placed at Ace hardware Locations.
They were installed at Hoffman's ACE Hardware in Norton and Hoffman's Portage Lakes ACE Hardware in Manchester. Details to follow.
See Page 2 for the continuing story!!!

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