2012, Another year of activity..
It seems as though this was the years of physical trails for a lot of us.... Seems as though the golden (I use the term very loosely) years are hard upon us. In spite of that it was a good year.
This year we hooked up with the Clearview Hope Women Veterans Golf Group. This is group of Woman Vets from all eras, conflicts and walks of life who largely put there service away and just didn't participate in a social way where it was concerned. Sound familiar? These ladies get together for a session of golf instruction and sisterhood, led By Renee Powell a LPGA Pro. They are a great group and the benefits of the social interaction is very apparent. Most of us wouldn't know about that would we?.. Anyway, the chapter was able to help by scrounging up used clubs, golf balls and any thing else we could come up with to help out. We were also able to help out with financial support under our Veteran Outreach Program.
Our annual picnic / reach out to the Veteran Community was held at Kim-Tam park. We had several Korean Era veterans and one WW2 veteran, along with some of the newer Gulf and later veterans attend. For a nice first time, several of the Women Vets also showed up. A great time was had with food, fun and friendship.
In Novenber We did our yearly Treat the Vets Outreach at the Akron CBOC on Waterloo Road. We set up tables in both buildings and gave donuts,( 20 dozen) fruit (apples, oranges, bannanas) cookies, etc all day long.. When it came time to wrap it up, we gave anything left over to the CBOC to distribute as they see fit. A really great time as a lot of the Vets would come and spend some time visiting with us.
It seems as though must of us were not in the best of shape this year for the Thanksgiving season, so we put our foodbasket project off until Christmas. This year we once again were blessed to be able to help 10 Widows of Veterans again. They were given gift certificates for food and also one to get something for themselves for Christmas. All of them were very pleased and naturally it made Christmas come for us also. You just have to plan time between stops to talk and visit a little. There again, more of the Chapter outreach.

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