2018/2023 Mike Hoofman Flag Retirement Program

The sites listed below are the locations where our flag boxes are loocated.



Norton Admin bldg                               


Bath Fire Dept                                       


Barberton YMCA                                     


Akron VA Center                                   


Akron Vet Service com                          



Ace Hardware (Ellet)                            



Ace Hardware (Portage Lakes)           



Ace Hardware (Norton)                      


C Falls City Admin                             


C Falls Quirk Cntr                              


Stow Police Dep                                  


Springfield Police Dep                       


CVA C Falls                                          


Ace Hardware Akron West                


Jewish War Vets                                 


NOTE: due to the Veteran Service Commission now retiring flags at their facility, we no longer count the flags.  We now pick them up and take them there for retirement..





















Gary Sandman & manager




Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 900


2978 Wedgewood Drive

Suite 6018

Akron, Ohio  44312




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