2013 Activities
The chapter has sponsored eight local Woman Veteran members of the Clearview H.O.P.E. Organization (Helping Our Patriots Everywhere) to attend an outing at the Firestone Country Club in Akron. This part of our continuing Veteran Outreach Programs.
We have started working on the annual September stand down which be held at VFW 3383. We provided all the plates, cups, bowls plasti ware, etc required to service 1000 people. This was done using our HGSP funds. This is part of our homeless outreach program.
We are continuing to work on the annual September stand down, and are waiting for the army surplus materials for distribution to be made available.
The standown meetings are continuing and we have been monitoring progress at Valor House, located on Waterloo Road in Akron. This is a homeless facility, which, when completed should house 30 clients.
Summer is almost on us and chapter meetings are suspended until September, we will get together for the 6th of July gathering.
The surplus materials from DOD have arrived for the stand down in September. We will be handing out long sleeve winter t-shirts at our table. So we are good to go!
The July 6Th community outreach gathering at Wingfoot State Park in Suffield, Ohio was a great success. We had veterans from Korea, the cold War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and Afghanistan attending, along with their families and others from the civilian community. Lots of food, brotherhood and all around enjoyment. We have picked up potential members, but also established new contacts in the community. A good time was had by all.
We will be stopping by Valor House to check it out as it is now officialy open and taking people in. We will also be checking on the names of the deceased veterans we submitted for the bricks in the walk.
We are also looking into the possibility of working with the Massilion Amateur Radio Club to set up a program to work with returning and disabled veterans. This is just in the initial stages. More to come...
We continue to work with the Clearview Hope Women Veterans Golf Group. We recently gave them a goodly number of used golf clubs and baqs donated by VVA Chapter 10. The members of the golf group send their thanks and are greatful for the support from everyone.
Today, July 15th, Patty and I went down to the standown storage building and helped inventory items received from the American Legion in Kent. Goods just keep coming in and since this is a permanent storage place with utilities, we will probably work with the other groups to use it to help veterans all year around. Looks like just what the Chapter needs.
The stand down was a great success as in excess of 400 people were helped.
We participated in The Crooked River PowWow held at the MAPS facility at the Akron Canton Airport. We were able to set up an information booth with product sales and a Native American Pow Mia Star quilt hand made by Nadeen Oakley of Eagle Butte South Dakota to be raffled to assist in our annual widow's food basket project. The weekend was a great success and we also provided all the American Flags that were passed out during the PowWow. An excellent time was had by all.
We also had our annual "treat the troops day" at the VA Outpatient Clinic in Akron. We passed out over 12 dozen doughnuts, apples, oranges, bananas, assorted goodies, including fruit and vegatable trays, etc, to anyone who came into the clinic. We did both buildings (pharmacy and main) and also ensured the workers, Doctors and Nurses also were recognized for all they do for us. All in all, it was a great day with lots of laughs and friendship.
Our annual food basket program was completed the week before Christmas day. We were able to help 10 Widows of Veterans with food gift certificates and gift certificates for a personal gift for Christmas. We have found that with our increasing ages and the need for more flexability in giving that gift certificates fill the need rather handily.

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